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Terms and Conditions of Use

Internal / external regulations

Rules are never funny, but they are made for the good of all and must be respected

Article 1 - Water is life: The water that comes out of the taps is drinkable, it comes from the city, it is precious, let's save it.

Article 2 – Ecological responsibility: It is absolutely forbidden to light an open fire anywhere on the property and in the surrounding area. No paper or waste of any kind may be left on the property (including dog mess which must be collected). The use of the Barbecue must be confined to the designated areas and must not be moved to the swimming pool under any circumstances.

Article 3 – Staying / rules concerning noise: The first and most important rule is that of common-sense regarding respect for others. Rest and quietness have priority. Do not do anything which, by your own doing or that of your family or relations, could harm the peace and quiet of the neighborhoods, avoiding excessive noise or any other nuisance, particularly in the evening. Parents should encourage their children not to be too boisterous in their games, especially between 11pm and 8am.

Article 4 – Various precautions: All the conveniences are at your disposal, you are asked to use them to the best of your ability, ensuring normal operation and reasonable consumption (apart from toilet paper, nothing else should be thrown into the toilet bowls).

Article 5 – Fitting out: It has been designed for optimum use for the duration and quality of the reception, so bedding, furniture and various objects must not be transported outside the accommodation.

Article 6 – Breakages: If any occur, report them during your stay. Inform the caretaker immediately of any damage or breakage in the rented premises, even if there is no apparent damage. In the event of loss or damage to the “gîte” caused by the tenant, the amount of the deposit will be reduced by the cost of repair or replacement on presentation of proof by the owner, and this within a maximum period of two months.

Article 7 – Maintenance of the rented premises: Everyone is required to refrain from any action that could damage the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the “gîte”, both inside the premises and outside in the surrounding area. Please remember that the “gîte” must be clean and tidy when you leave. (The tenant is obliged to maintain the rented premises and to return them in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period) - an additional cleaning fee of 50, - euros will be charged in case of non-compliance with this clause. (As a reminder, animals are not allowed on the first floor of the gîte, they must not sleep on or in the beds - a barrier is available, to be installed at the top of the stairs).

Article 8 – Responsibilities: Tenants are financially responsible for any damage they may cause by their actions. They are responsible for all incidents or accidents that may occur to them or to third parties as a result of their failure to comply with these rules.

Article 9 – Parking: Vehicles must be parked in the spaces provided for this purpose.

Article 10 - Keys: The entrance doors to the gîte are fitted with key locks. When you leave, you are required to lock the premises. In the event of non-compliance with this article, you will be responsible for any theft, damage and other material damage which will be invoiced. For all objects belonging to the residents, you will be required to make your own declaration to your insurance company and the owner declines all responsibilitý.

Article 11 – Household waste: Recycling bins are available in the courtyard for waste disposal. The tenant will have to respect their exit every Tuesday according to the schedule posted in the Gîte.

Article 12 – Garden furniture: Outdoor tables and chairs are available, please keep them in good condition.

Article 13 – Water, electricity, heating and cleaning: the provision of water, electricity, heating and cleaning is included in the rental price.

Article 14 – Use of the pool: use of the pool is subject to acceptance of the specific pool rules.

Article 15 – Instructions for smokers: Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the gîte.

Article 16 – Internet: WIFI access is included in the rental, nevertheless the Tenant undertakes to use the Internet "in good faith" and not to access "deviant" or illegal download sites, if necessary, the owner may provide the "Logs" of connections and accesses to the competent authorities (in particular respecting the “Hadopi” law). The hirer is solely responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial prejudice caused to third parties as a result of his own use of the aforementioned Internet service.

Article 17 – Boules pitch: the use of boules must be confined to the pitch provided for this purpose.

Article 18 – Playground: The use of the playground is reserved for children under 50 kg and is the sole responsibility of the parents.

Rules - Use of the pool

These rules are intended to ensure your safety, comfort and hygiene and to facilitate the maintenance of the pool and its surroundings. Access to the pool or its surroundings implies your acceptance of these rules and regulations and your respect for them.

We are happy to show you our garden, as you can imagine, it is a work of several years, each tree, flower, bed have their history, thank you for taking care of them.

For your information, the pool is 4 m wide and 9.50 m long. The deep end is at the bottom of the pool. A staircase allows easy access to the pool from the shallow end. The minimum depth of the pool is 1 m and the maximum depth reaches 1.80 m. The pool is heated by a heat pump which ensures a temperature of about 28-29° C.

ATTENTION the pool is not supervised. According to the regulations in force, a cover is installed and must be opened before entering the water. Access to and use of the pool is the sole responsibility of the "users". All users of the swimming pool must be covered by a liability insurance policy and agree to release the owners from any responsibility for the safety of all persons participating in the stay.

Article 1 – Accessibility: The pool is accessible at your convenience every day between 8.00 am and 11.00 pm, unless otherwise stated or when the cleaning robot is in operation. If you wish to swim outside these hours, please consult the concierge. The swimming pool is strictly reserved for the occupants of the gîte and the owners. Outsiders and those who do not comply with these rules are not allowed in the pool area. Children are only allowed in the pool area in the company of their parents and under their supervision. Armbands are compulsory for children under the age of 7. Babies must be provided with special nappies. They must be under the supervision of a responsible adult who knows how to swim. Under no circumstances should children be left alone at the poolside.

Article 2 – Protection: At the end of the day or when not in use, the shelter must be closed and locked.

Article 3 – Use: Bulky or sharp objects are not allowed in the pool area with the exception of air mattresses, buoys and light balls as long as they are used without disturbing other people Do not leave any objects in the pool (risk of clogging the filtration system or the robot!) and store them outside the enclosure when you leave. Do not leave any objects in the pool (risk of blocking the filtration system or the robot!).

To facilitate the maintenance and hygiene of the pool, we ask you to respect the following rules:

• Avoid applying sun cream or oil just before swimming.
• Make sure that your children go to the toilet before entering the pool.
• Shower properly before swimming.
• Please do not use towels from your room at the pool.
• Do not enter the pool barefoot.

Article 4 - not allowed:
• Bathing outside of opening hours,
• Diving, throwing or pushing someone into the water,
• Using soap or similar products in the pool.
• Splashing the bathing participants, taking the water out of the pool by any means "bomb in the water" etc...
• Shouting and violent games in and around the pool.
• « Urinating » in the water.
• Throwing objects, stones or anything else into the water. (Any damaged or destroyed material will be charged to the person responsible).
• Running around the pool (risk of slipping and/or injury)
• Cluttering the pool with inflatable or potentially dangerous objects (ball games or Frisbees are not allowed)
• It is strictly forbidden to touch the pool's electrical and filtering installations in the garden shed
• Consuming food, drinking, smoking, using the BBQ, in the pool area. Bringing any object or glass container into the pool area

Article 5 - Help :
• Emergency medical service (ambulance): 15
• European emergency call: 112


Conditions d’annulation et remboursement

Article 1 – absence de rétractation : 

Pour les réservations effectuées par internet, le locataire ne bénéficie pas du délai de rétractation, et ce conformément à l’article L121-21-8 du code de la consommation relatif notamment aux prestations de services d’hébergement fournies à une date ou selon une périodicité déterminée.

Article 2 – annulation du fait du client : 

Toute annulation doit être notifiée par écrit au propriétaire (courrier ou email).

– pour toute annulation du fait du client, le remboursement par le propriétaire, à l’exception des frais de réservation, sera effectué comme suit :

– annulation avant 22 jours du début du séjour : remboursement du montant de la location – remboursement par virement bancaire s’il a été encaissé à la date d’annulation.)

– annulation jusqu’à 21 jour inclus avant le début du séjour : il sera retenu un montant de 30% – le solde sera remboursé par virement bancaire s’il a été encaissé à la date d’annulation.

– annulation entre le 20ième et le 9ième jour inclus avant le début du séjour : il sera retenu 50 % du montant du séjour – le solde sera remboursé par virement bancaire s’il a été encaissé à la date d’annulation.

–  annulation entre le 8ième jour inclus et le jour d’arrivée prévu au contrat  : il ne sera procédé à aucun remboursement.

Article 3 – annulation du fait du vendeur : 

Lorsqu’avant le début du séjour, le propriétaire  annule le séjour, il doit informer l’acheteur par écrit (courrier ou mail)
L’acheteur sera remboursé immédiatement et sans pénalités des sommes versées, par virement bancaire

Article 4 – interruption du séjour : 

En cas d’interruption du séjour par le client, il ne sera procédé à aucun remboursement

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